Trolley Locks


Every year over 1.5 million shopping trolleys are stolen in the UK alone and at £80 each it's the companies who own them that are left to pay the bill. This doesn't include the third party recovery charges.

That's why RONIS-DOM has designed their locks to meet your trolley management requirements. Available in a range of different finishes and made from robust, high wearing materials, RONIS Trolley Locks can be installed quickly and efficiently.

Leisure Environment

DOM_DIV_1203_Product_RangeOur IP65 TRONIC Keypad Locks are specially designed for humid areas and are ideal for use in Fitness Clubs, Swimming Pools, SPA Centres, Theme Parks etc.

Industry & Workspace


Our locks provide a high level of security and flexible management options. From an office drawer to a complete lock room, RONIS-DOM delivers secure and robust E-LOCK solutions to industries and work spaces.

Wet Environment

wet_environmentRONIS-DOM produces the OMEGA 400, which is perfect for any wet area application. It comes as standard with ABS housing and with up to 700 differs. With it's removable barrel feature, it also allows you to change the lock barrel without having to replace the entire unit.



Interlocking systems are used all over the world in high risk or hazardous situations. They are designed to make sure that protocol is followed at all times and that the end user is as safe as possible. 

In a situation such as an electrical power plant the section of maintenance would be isolated using an EL Bolt interlock which will release a uniquely coded key. This key is then inserted into an ELC Exchange Box trapping it and releasing two other keys. These keys can then be inserted in the Cam Locks located in the panels. Once work is completed the operator reverses the sequence ready for the next engineer.