Exchange Box

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Exchange Box

An Exchange Box works by a series of released and trapped / captured keys. The only way to release a trapped key is to ensure that all currently released keys are present and locked into the exchange box. Once the trapped key has been released, this will then trap all other keys in the box.

This improves security in situations where access doors / gates need to remain locked. The key can only be removed from the lock in the locked position, at which point it is re-introduced into the exchange box.

  • Materials:
    • 100% Metal
    • Stainless Steel Box
    • Brass Cylinders
    • RONIS Brass Keys

RONIS Interlocking products are available through our exclusive distributor ISS Safety Ltd, visit for more information.

We offer a huge range of standard and special order Exchange Boxes. These are typically broken down into the following:



Exchange Box Variables

ELC Range

LockELC 2-6ELC 7-12ELC 13-18ELC 19-24
Number of Captured Keys271319
Number of Released Keys6121824