Bolt Locks




Bolt Locks

Interlocking bolt locks are designed to allow or restrict access to various life threatening situations when the correct key is inserted into the lock. They are made from 316L Stainless Steel to ensure they are strong enough to prevent unauthorised access to a site.

There are many other options of creating the same security but the main advantage of an interlocking bolt lock is that there is no need to run power wires to the gate you wish to secure. Instead, the power is disconnected via a trapped key rotary switch on a control panel and the key is then hand-carried to the gate by the user.

The Single Bolt interlocking system (SBL) is designed so that only 1 key is needed to gain access to the hazardous area.

The Dual Bolt interlocking system (DBL) is designed so that there are 2 keys involved. The 1st key will release a “trapped key” and become trapped itself. The newly released key is then carried by the user where it will be used in the hazardous area.

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Pictogram Key

MeaningFree KeyCaptive KeyBolt OutBolt InClosed DoorOpened DoorMechanical Connection

Standard Configuration Cylinders

3-1-1 Cylinder

 EL11 AP
Initial State
Final State

3-2-2 Cylinders

 EL12   EL22 
Initial State
Final State

3-3-3 Cylinders

Initial State
Final State

These diagrams correspond to our most standards. Other references are available upon request.