Combination Locks


Combination Locks

Our combination range consists of the C4 & the C4S. They are both 4 digit mechanical combination locks that are ideal for use in schools and workplaces. The simple design and comfortable, easy grip make them an ideal solution for environments around children and students.

Without the need for keys and the added risks of losing and replacing them, the C4 & C4S are also cost effective. Due to the design, they ensure they can be retro fitted onto almost all existing lockers.

Both locks are fitted with a settings button that can be used to reprogramme the device. This helps users set and change codes within a possible 10,000 combinations quickly and easily on site. Fitted with a patent protected detector plate, forgotten codes can be identified in seconds with just the reset key.

Ronis References:

  • C4 Lock White - C4-DS4-L1-C3-WH
  • C4 Lock Black - C4-DS4-L1-C3-BL
  • C4S Lock White - C4S-DS4-L1-C3-WH
  • C4S Lock Black - C4S-DS4-L1-C3-BL


Easily Reprogrammable
10,000 available combinations
Master KeyProvided
User Code4 Digits
Operations / Cycles30,000+ Cycles
Standard ColoursWhite / Black

C4 Drawing














C4S Drawing