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NEW Easy Flex Booklet

  • No software or online connection necessary (later conversion to software is possible at any time, however, if you expand your system)
  • Highest protection classes for the cylinder (tested to VdS BZ+ and SKG***, IP65, E-knobs IP66, T90)
  • Can be expanded at any time by further ENiQ® EasyFlex booklets (5 transponders each with appropriate transponder management keys) up to a total of 5,000 transponders
  • No follow-on costs (credits) and registration for authorisation actions
  • Illuminated ring for optical signalling
  • Combinations with mechanical DOM locking systems by means of the DOM ClipTag
  • Can also be used with the DOM ENiQ Guardian & DOM ENiQ Wall Readers


Standard Mifare Tag

  • Standard Mifare Tag: DESfire EV1 8K

DOM Reference:

  • StanTac504599M

Clip Tac Mifare

  • Clip Tac Mifare: DESfire EV1 8K

DOM Reference:

  • Cliptac503513M

Premium Mifare Tag

  • Premium Mifare Tag: DESfire EV1 8K

DOM Reference:

  • 352122

ISO Mifare Card

  • Blank programmable card.

DOM Reference:

  • ISOSCHE503523M

Closed Card Mifare

  • Permanently closed card.

DOM Reference:

  • 351979

Open Card Mifare

  • Permanently open card.

DOM Reference:

  • 351977

Master Card Mifare

  • Master card.

DOM Reference:

  • 351973

Programming Card Mifare

  • Programming card.

DOM Reference:

  • 351975