ENiQ Mifare Product Range

DOM ENiQ Product Range

The DOM ENiQ Mifare locking systems offer the advantage that they let you organise and secure locking scenarios and buildings of all kinds: This means there is always a perfect security concept for any building type – from family homes to large facilities.

Thanks to modern, software-controlled technologies, you can manage a virtually unlimited number of locking media, taking into account personal, temporal and spatial access criteria. Highly complex locking hierarchies can be easily controlled and flexibly adapted to changing requirements.

  • High data transfer rate between transponder and reader
  • Simple and complex access authorisations to the transponder in the scope of a virtual network
  • Web-based software management 
  • Changes in the user area from the PC without costly reprogramming
  • Support for transponder versions Mifare Ultralight, Classic, DESfire, DESfire EV1