RF NetManager



RF NetManager ELS

The DOM RF NetManager online component module is used to enable online communication for the DOM Protector and DOM Guardian, allowing instant transfer of events and programming via Ethernet. The DOM RF NetManager communicates with the devices via Radio Frequency.

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  • Connects wirelessly to a DOM Protector/Guardian to provide network connectivity
  • Utilises HF radio @ 868MHz and AES 128bit security
  • Typical range possible approximately 3 metres from device
  • Can be integrated into any network due to minimal network traffic as it utilises push-pull technology – average daily network traffic approximately 3.1MB per NetManager
  • 2 inputs & 1 output
  • PoE capable
  • Automatic network setup is easily performed all within the ELS software


DOM RF Net Manager Accessories


DOM Net Manager Box

  •  Ideal for use in IP66 application

DOM Reference:

  • 351944


DOM Power Box

  • Power Box for the RF / Net Manager

DOM Reference:

  • 100126