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DOM ELS Software

The DOM ELS Software is a management platform for the entire DOM ELS family: All DOM devices such as the DOM Guardian, DOM Protector® and DOM Access Manager can be managed and programmed with it.

Whether it's offline or online doors,  the DOM ELS Software can meet every demand.

With changes in the organisation, the DOM ELS Software grows with its requirements. Starting with up to 25 devices / 100 transponders, it can be expanded up to 9,500 devices / 32,000 transponders.

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  • Easy centralised management of all DOM 125kHz electronic devices and media
  • Available in S, M, L and XL based on project size up to 9,500 devices and 32,000 transponders
  • 31 configurable time zones with 3 intervals per day
  • Full audit trails of doors, media and changes made within the software
  • Ability to create electronic locking system from a traditional master key plan
  • Categorisation of devices and media permissions through the use of Areas and Groups
  • Flexible allocation of authorisations to devices and transponders
  • Easy upgrade of functionality with license key change, no need to install further software


A Modular System for made-to-measure solutions

Standard Module

The Standard module ranges from 25 devices and 100 transponders right up to 9,500 devices and 32,000 transponders dependent on the system requirements (S,M,L,XL). The standard module is the required basis for all other modules and upgrades.

Intelligent Transponder Module

Also known as Data on Card, it eliminates the need to visit devices when new media is added or access rights are changed. Data is written to media via the connected Table Reader or Updater Terminal (DOM ITT), minimising the need for online devices as the media carries all access rights.

Online Module

The Online module is required to enable network functionality. Online devices benefit from instant communication of events and programming, as well as remote operation. The number of devices is predetermined by the standard module.

Client-Server Module

The Client-Server module allows several users to manage the ELS software simultaneously. As standard the base module only allows one concurrent user.

DOM ELS Software Accessories

IR Stick

DOM Infra Red USB Stick

  •  Used for programming the devices wirelessly

DOM Reference:

  • 351891