DOM Tapkey



DOM Tapkey

The smartphone is the key!

You can create your own digital locking system within minutes. There are three simple steps: download the Tapkey app via Google or the Apple store, activate your account, connect your locking device for your digital cylinder in the entrance door and garage (for example), and there you go! In just a few steps you can authorise users to open or close a door with a digital device or DOM Tapkey tag.

Perfect for homeowners.



  • Our digital cylinders and handles are renowned not only for the quality of the materials but also the high level of security
  • The DOM Tapkey cylinder in Euro profile has always VdS BZ+, SKG ***, IP 65 and T90
  • Solutions for fire doors T30 (digital handle)
  • Simple use of the Tapkey app
  • More security through close contact technology


  • Manage access authorisations via app
  • Three smartphone licences per user free of charge: you can mix the licences in your total system - e.g. two user licences at device one and four user licences at device two
  • Open without Internet access
  • Additional usage of DOM Tapkey hardware tag
  • Use your existing Google ID (no extra registration needed) or Tapkey ID
  • Program your tag with your smartphone
  • DOM Tapkey locking devices are stand-alone; no other devices to install near or in the door
  • Easy creation of a new Google ID account
  • High secure communication by using end-to-end encryption
  • Open system: use the app, your smartphone and tag on different locking devices of different manufacturers
  • Open platform: use the same smartphone, tag and app to open your home, work place, delivery mailbox, car (car sharing), hotel room, parking space and activate your alarm system