We believe that everyone & everything of value deserves to be kept secure, without compromise

That's why here at DOM we focus on three essential areas of expertise: hardware, software and mechatronics, developing the highest quality mechanical and access control solutions as well as committing ourselves to the constant innovation of our technologies.


 DOM Keyless Solutions 

View our entire range of keyless locking solutions using Number Pads, Cards, Fobs and Smartphones

About the Group

Representing both the RONIS and DOM brands on the UK market, RONIS-DOM is based in the West Midlands, home of the UK locking industry.


 DOM Titan K6

The K6 is a 6 pin conventional system with Sold Secure technology. This means it can't be opened with traditional cylinder snapping.

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 C4S Combination Lock

Our combination range consists of the C4 & the C4S. They are both 4 digit mechanical combination locks that are ideal for use in schools and workplaces. The simple design and comfortable, easy grip make them an ideal solution for environments around children and students.

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